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Does the wood smell?

Each of the strains of wood we use for our products comes with its own natural scent. And just like any other product designed from wood, the smell does fade over time.

Are the products waterproof?

So, we try to explain this simply. You could fall into a pool and yes, your joints will stay dry. But, if you were to stay in the pool and swim lengths, things are gonna get messy.

Are the products smell-proof?

While we’re not sure of the specifics around being certifiably smell-proof, our products tend to hide the scent pretty well. If you happen to put a half-smoked joint back in for later, in a couple of days the smell will go away.

Will they hold cigarettes?

Yes, while we cannot condoning smoking cigarettes, our products can hold them.


What payment methods do you take?

We currently accept credit card via Stripe.


What are the products shipped in?

All of our products are shipped in 100% recycled padded mailers. Recovered newspaper is matted into a layer of cushioning — a pillow of paper of sorts — and then sandwiched between two solid layers of recycled kraft paper. The result is one heck of an irrefutably eco-friendly cushioned mailer.

Not only is this padded mailer constructed inside and out from recovered trash, but once it has made its journey and served its purpose, they can easily be redeposited back into the recycling stream.

Do you provide tracking numbers?

Right now we do not provide tracking numbers for our shipments. I know you’re probably upset, we’re working on it.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, right now we ship to Canada and the United States with plans to expand globally.


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