Luxury Cannabis Accessories That Help Save The Planet

Quality. Simplicity. Sustainability.

Goodwood is a Canadian grassroots company dedicated to creating luxurious handmade cannabis accessories that allow everyone to enjoy the benefits of cannabis with a low impact on the planet.

Goodwood offers a large range of discrete cannabis accessories with multiple sizes and functions. Goodwood is committed to enhancing your cannabis experience while offering affordable handmade cannabis products.

Giving Back

Giving back and sustainability are at the essence of Goodwood. So much so, that we couldn’t just choose one cause. We have decided to revolve our efforts around a number of causes that are close to our hearts. These causes range from the environment to mental health and will be a major focus for Goodwood.

We will do this by periodically releasing “series” that align a cause with your code, whether that be a colour series or a unique product line. Currently, we have the Green Series and the Wood Series available, which both focus on giving back to the environment.

The Green Series

The Green Series is dedicated to planting a tree for every pack of rolling papers printed. Thanks to friends and family using the Green Series, Goodwood was able to plant over 500 trees before our official launch.

The Wood Series

The Wood Series is an amplification of the Green Series, increasing the number of trees we can plant. The number of trees we plant co-relates to the numerical identifier of each product. For example, if you bought a 2OOB (2) and a TR33 (3), we would plant 5 trees in your honour.

1% of all Goodwood’s revenue is used to support one of our core causes.

Release Calendar

Due to each and every cannabis accessories being handcrafted, Goodwood has made the exciting decision to launch 1 new product every week starting August 15, 2019, ending September 26th.

This methodical product release schedule is intended to ensure each and every product receives the full attention by the craftsmen.

To see the full Launch Calendar of Goodwood cannabis accessories click here.

Week 1 – August 15, 2019

A handcrafted wooden joint holder, designed for the eco-conscious consumer. This premium travel accessory is built out of Sapele Mahogany, and crafted in the Niagara region of Ontario.

Wood Options

Currently, all of our wood products are crafted from 100% Sapele Mahogany for single purchase orders. As our inventory grows we will be able to offer our full range of luxury woods which include:

Red Nara
Pau Amarello
Roasted Maple
[nectar_image_with_hotspots image=”585″ preview=”https://goodwoodcannabis.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Goodwood_Woods-01-crop.jpg” color_1=”Accent-Color” hotspot_icon=”plus_sign” tooltip=”hover” tooltip_shadow=”none”][nectar_hotspot left=”4.55531%” top=”42.3469%” position=”top”]Pau Amarello[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”15.6182%” top=”48.9796%” position=”top”]Maple[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”24.295%” top=”48.9796%” position=”top”]Butternut[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”34.9241%” top=”51.5306%” position=”top”]Zebrawood[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”46.6377%” top=”49.4898%” position=”top”]Purpleheart[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”60.7375%” top=”52.6066%” position=”top”]Sapele[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”71.1497%” top=”51.6588%” position=”top”]Red Nara[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”82.6464%” top=”51.6588%” position=”top”]Padauk[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”95.4447%” top=”52.1327%” position=”top”]Walnut[/nectar_hotspot][/nectar_image_with_hotspots]

The 2OOB

The 2OOB, named after the number of joints it can hold, is a duo slotted joint holder (doob tube) specifically made for the everyday cannabis user. The 2OOB is an amazing cannabis accessory for the on the go and social lifestyle.

If you find yourself out the majority of the day and would prefer to travel with your cannabis discreetly, the 2OOB offers an inconspicuous and sleek design to conceal both of your joints.

The 2OOB is also great for a day at the pool or the cottage. Due to being crafted from wood, the 2OOB doubles as a floating water-resistant capsule if your joints make their way into the water (but don’t just watch, get it out ASAP!).

“The 2OOB is a handcrafted, sapele mahogany joint holder made from sustainable sources. Designed with simplicity and easy transportation in mind, the 2OOB is a discrete way to bring your pre-rolled joints wherever you’re going.”

Price: $24.20

With the purchase of the 2OOB, Goodwood will plant 2 trees in your honour.

Length: 3 ½ inches
Width: 1 ¼ inches
Height: ⅝ inches

The TR33

The TR33, as you may have guessed, is also named after the number of joints it can hold. The TR33 offers a spacious three slots and is a great doob tube for a full day outing. Due to a large number of slots, the TR33 is great for any occasion, especially with a group of friends.

The TR33 is also perfect if you use cannabis before meals or need your medicine to be accessible throughout the day. Following the same design as the 2OOB, the TR33 offers an inconspicuous rustic feel that allows you the freedom to travel unnoticed with up to three joints.

If you do find yourself in the water, don’t worry, the TR33 offers the same water resistance and floatation capabilities of the 2OOB.

“The TR33 is a handcrafted, sapele mahogany joint holder made from sustainable sources. Designed with simplicity and easy transportation in mind, the TR33 is a discrete way to bring your pre-rolled joints wherever you’re going.”

Price: $33.33

With the purchase of the TR33, Goodwood will plant 3 trees in your honour.

Length: 3 ½ inches
Width: 1 ¾ inches
Height: 11/16 inches


The P4PERS were the first product we ever produced and allowed us to start giving back immediately.

Our pack of rolling papers include 32 unbleached rice paper leaves and filters.

The P4PERS come equipped with a magnet which not only ensures your papers are closed and safe, but also allows you to secure them within the L1T K1T

Price: $4.00

“These are our P4PERS for good. For each pack sold, we’ll give $1 towards the cause the color of your pack is tied to.

Right now our Green Series will donate $1 towards environmental issues. Stay tuned for our Blue Series!”

Designed and Crafted In Canada

Goodwood is based in Toronto with manufacturing out of the Niagara region. Each cannabis accessory is designed and crafted by our woodworking specialist to emphasize functionality and luxurious rustic styling.

Due to conception and manufacturing being done in house, we have the unique opportunity to offer a wide range of customizable products. Not only does Goodwood offer a variety of different sizing and compartment options, but we also offer a choice of 10 different woods.

While Goodwood is still finalizing specific measurements for testing water and smell proofing. What we do know is that Goodwoods line of doob tubes all float in water and are water-resistant when fully submerged. As for smell-proof, we can’t say for sure as to what extent each doob tube traps the smell. With that being said, Goodwood has done some of their own research which indicated no smell is released, even when storing their most potent cannabis.


Goodwood Cannabis Accessories offers high-quality smoke accessories to help store cannabis, cannabis oils, and all other cannabis accessories. Located in Toronto, Goodwood supplies and ships throughout North America.

Please contact jayn@ethicalimage.com for wholesale inquiries and more information about our cannabis accessories.

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