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"Goodwood’s product line is unparalleled in quality and design."

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“This slim TW1G doob tube is handcrafted in the Niagara region, and the company will donate one tree for each product sold. Plus, 1% of Goodwood’s revenue is donated to charity. There’s literally nothing wrong with this present.”

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So, What's Good with Goodwood?

Goodwood Accessories designs and handcrafts wooden storage accessories for the conscious cannabis consumer in the Niagara region of Ontario.

As a brand, we believe that we should always be striving for a better tomorrow. That’s why we give back through the following ways:

For every wooden product we sell, we plant at least one (and up to 11) tree(s) through Trees for the Future.

We’re also dedicated to supporting Cannabis Amnesty, by donating $1.00 for every sale of the PØKE.

On top of that, for every item we sell from our ACCE55ORIES collection we donate $0.55 to a local Toronto charity. We rotate the organizations receiving donations to help in as many ways as we can.

The Quick Facts

Made in Canada, For Now and Forever

Made in Canada, For Now and Forever

We’re dedicated to always crafting our products in Canada.



All of our products are shipped in eco-friendly materials.

Keep Planting

Keep Planting

For every product we sell, we plant at least one (and up to 11) tree(s) through Trees for the Future.

Zero Plastic

Zero Plastic

We don’t use any single-use plastics in our production practices.

Give Back

Give Back

On top of planting trees and supporting Cannabis Amnesty, we dontate an additional 1% of our profits to charity.

Introducing the L1T K1T

11 trees are planted for every L1T K1T sold.

The L1T K1T is a portable joint-rolling kit packed with everything you need for a weekend away. Like the journey itself, the L11T K1T is a traveller’s dream.

The L1T K1T is made up of: a concaved area to roll your joints, one grinder, one pack of P4PRS, four tins for different strains or products, one PØKE, one lighter, one compartment for rolled joints, and a whole lotta fun.

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The Team

Connor Haslam

An eternal creative, Connor is the captain keeping this ship sailing towards a new world.

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Patrick Moher

An entrepreneur at heart, Patrick is the flame that sparked the joint.

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Alex Moher

Product Designer
The man that brings it all together and makes our dream a reality.

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