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The L1T K1T is a portable joint-rolling kit packed with everything you need for a weekend away. Like the journey itself, the L11T K1T is a traveller’s dream.

The L1T K1T is made up of: a concaved area to roll your joints, one grinder, one pack of P4PRS, four tins for different strains or products, one PØKE, one lighter, one compartment for rolled joints, and a whole lotta fun.

11 trees are planted for every L1T K1T sold.

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SKU1006 Product Roll Style

The version shown here is a prototype. While the models we ship will look very close to this, there will be minor changes (for example, our grinders will be a little bigger than the one in the photo). Rest assured, they won’t compromise any of the key design features displayed here.

The Product
Sapele Mahogany

Our base models are crafted from sapele mahogany, which gives them a fine uniform texture and good natural luster.

Storage Compartment

We’ve built in a compartment so you can roll multiple joints in one sitting and save the rest for later.

Wood Burned Logo

We take the time to wood burn each Goodwood product, perfecting that “handcrafted” look.

Made in Canada

We’re proudly made in Canada, and we want to show it off. As with the logo, each product is wood burned by hand.

Tins for Different Strains

The L1T K1T comes with four tins for the variety in your life. The tins are held by small magnets and come with 25 labels.

Hand Finished

Each product is hand finished and checked for quality.

Custom Engravings

We offer laser engraving: you can either get something written, like your name, or we can engrave a photo.

Rubio Monocoat

Each product has been oiled and dried for 48 hours. Don’t be fooled though, the oil has no effect on the true colour of the wood.

The Story

As a brand, our belief is that we should always be striving for a better tomorrow. That’s why for every product we sell, we plant at least one (and up to 11) tree(s) through Trees for the Future.

We’re also dedicated to supporting Cannabis Amnesty, by donating $1.00 for every sale of the PØKE.

Who We Are

We design and handcraft wooden accessories for the conscious cannabis consumer. Our products are manufactured in the heart of the Niagara region.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 24.1 × 3.175 cm
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