Wood Cannabis Accessories vs Plastic

The creators at Goodwood have added fuel to the fire once again in the age-old debate over wood vs plastic cannabis accessories. Now that Goodwoods’ release calendar is posted, we wanted to outline some of our environmentally friendly commitments going forward.

For The Planet

We all know the statistics on how harmful plastics are to the environment. For instance, the average plastic doob tube can take up to 1000 years to decompose. With the addition of plastic bagging, stickers, and other harmful plastics, the decomposition for one packaged product could take up to nearly 2500 years. It’s important to remember that decomposition will be much longer for larger cannabis accessories such as a rolling tray and ashtray.

Due to these tragic numbers, Goodwood is dedicated to staying away from plastic products and harmful practices. Moreover, Goodwood only uses edible glues and wood finishes to ensure each product is made from natural materials and is as eco-friendly as possible.

Goodwood is not only committed to limiting the harm done by production; through sourcing recycled materials, as well as adhering to energy-efficient and green packaging practices. Goodwood also does right by the planet through our periodically released campaigns called “series,” where we give back to different causes.

The Green Series

The Green Series is dedicated to planting a tree for every pack of rolling papers printed. Thanks to friends and family using the Green Series, Goodwood was able to plant over 500 trees before our official launch.

The Wood Series

The Wood Series is an amplification of the Green Series, increasing the number of trees we can plant. The number of trees we plant co-relates to the numerical identifier of each product. For example, if you bought a 2OOB (2) and a TR33 (3), we would plant 5 trees in your honour.

1% of all Goodwood’s revenue is used to support one of our core causes.


While helping the planet in and of itself might be enough for some to switch from plastic a doob tube to Goodwoods wooden 200b. It’s also a fair question to ask if a wood doob tube is functionally better?

The answer is, yes.

When comparing the wooden 2OOB to its plastic counterpart the first aspect we have to recognize is the difference in quality between handmade products and large scale production. From sourcing the materials to crafting the cannabis accessories, every single piece has been given the full attention by the craftsmen.

Another attractive aspect that Goodwood offers is the ability to choose not only different sizes but the number of compartments. Due to large scale production, manufactures often only offer a one size fits all, just large enough for a single joint. Goodwood not only offers a single doob tube large enough to fit a blunt but also has options for the number of compartments. These range from the TW1G, 2OOB, TR33, and the 4MOR; giving you the power to choose what is best for you.

Furthermore, a constantly overlooked function of a doob tube is concealing your pre-rolled cannabis joints. The majority of plastic doob tubes available are transparent or have cannabis insignias covering the exterior of the doob tube, which makes keeping your stash a secret very difficult, especially in public. Due to Goodwood’s complete range of doob tubes utilizing a luxurious handcrafted wooden exterior no one will be the wiser if accidentally left out or used in public.

Pricing & Cost

One of the most common selling points for the average consumer is price. Due to the large scale production, some plastic cannabis accessory manufacturers can sell plastic doob tubes for a fraction of the price.

But what is the true difference in cost on average?

While we have already examined the cost of plastics on the environment, as well as some of the functional benefits of buying handcrafted cannabis accessories. It would be disingenuous to compare plastic and wood cannabis accessories when considering pricing. When comparing pricing for wood cannabis accessories, Goodwood not only offers the most competitive pricing, along with environmental causes but with Goodwood, you know production and profits stay within Canada.


Goodwood Cannabis Accessories offers high-quality smoke accessories to help store cannabis, cannabis oils, and all other cannabis accessories. Located in Toronto, Goodwood supplies and ships throughout North America.

Please contact jayn@ethicalimage.com for wholesale inquiries and more information about our cannabis accessories.

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